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Earn up to 50% off discount by applying Genie Backup Manager coupon code at checkout. Full license price of Genie Backup Manager is more expensive than Genie Timeline Pro. But Genie Backup Manager (GBM) having better features. Using new official coupon code, earn 50% discount while buying full license of GBM Pro, Home, or Server. Save $25 up to $350 with the applicable coupon promo code.

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Genie Backup Manager allow you to do multiple backup jobs at a time. The features is better than Genie Timeline that not allow multiple backup. Like similar application, the software allow you to save backup data on local disk, external, cloud, or discs. Starting price full version new version Genie Backup Manager 9 is $49.95. But with coupon code, earn 50% discount to buy the full Genie Backup Manager 9 license key.

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Genie Backup Manager Coupon Promo Code

50% discount offer for Genie Backup Manager 9 is a short time promo. After the offer expires, use alternative coupon code to buy but with smaller discount. Alternative Genie Backup Manager coupon code "SPG20DEALS" or "VAL50" only offer 20% off discount.

Why Genie Backup Manager is Recommended to Protect Your Data?

Genie Backup Manager is suitable for personal, professional, and business. There are a few reasons that makes Genie Backup Manager is the best choice to protect data. Here why:

  • Powerful to protect data with 4 flexible backup methods; full, incremental, differential, and mirror.
  • Flexible. Allow you to save backup on local hard disk, cloud storage, or burn directly on a disc. For cloud storage use ZOOLZ Cloud Drive.
  • AES 256 encryption algorithm. It use three-level AES encryption to protect your data.
  • Full control backup procedures. Easy to use to backup and restore data. You can use it with minimal impact to computer performance because it requires a small resource only.
  • Flexible tracking. Allow you to monitor backup via desktop, laptop, and mobile device.

Genie Backup Manager 9 Key Features

  • Featured with Enhanced FTP engine and also support Secure FTP (FTPS).
  • Support to protect data on Outlook email client, Windows mail, and Thunderbird.
  • Enhanced Volume Shadow Copy support.
  • Improved Disaster Recovery engine. You can create a boot startup system using a CD/DVD to restore system.
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner features to save data on discs directly.
  • Memory management that makes it works and use small amount of computer resource.
  • Agent notifications to get a notification on every backup activity.
  • Enhanced system schedule and also added social integration elements.

Extra features on the Genie Backup Manager Pro & Server Version

  • Multi-level Security AES encryption algorithm to make sure your data save.
  • The server edition allow to backup Microsoft’s Exchange & SQL servers.
  • Continuous data protection for SQL and Exchange.

If you are interested, get free 30 days trial to try full features. Download the software on to get free trial. Then use Genie Backup Manager coupon code listed on this page to buy and get best price.

System Requirements. Genie Backup Manager 9 Home/Pro/Server supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. This software compatible with Windows XP up to Windows 11. The server edition support Windows Server 2003 up to 2019. It also support Microsoft’s Exchange Database & SQL Servers.