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Best cloud storage is Zoolz that offer up to 10TB space. And available 75% discount on new promo. New Zoolz coupon promo code is offered 75% off price. Available lifetime or 1-year license key for home or business users. Redeem coupon code to buy. Home Online Storage or Business Storage and get special price or many cash back.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud Home and Business

Zoolz is a revolutionary and intelligent cloud drive for Home and Business. Space offered is available up to 10 TB. The storage also features flexible data monitor through computer, laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone via an internet browser. The online drive combines scalability, centralized management, reliability, and data tearing at one place. Zoolz are powerful cloud backup solution at a very affordable price.

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1. Zoolz Promo or Discount Code for Home Users

Get best price for 500 MB up to 3 TB Zoolz cold storag e on this offer. Offer using the same coupon code to get big discount.

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All home versions is offer Cold and Vault cloud storage to make sure your data safe. All promo is for a short time.

2. Zoolz Promo Discount Code for Business

Business/corporate versions is suitable for unlimited users. Drive space offered by the vendor is up to 10 TB. To buy, you can use the same Zoolz coupon code applied above.

Best Offer ZOOLZ Business with Unlimited Servers & Users
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Zoolz home version designed for 1 or 2 users only. Whereas the business version are designed for unlimited users.

Buy the best cloud storage here at a cheapest price. Use Zoolz Cloud coupon code above to buy with 75% discount. Alternative coupon code is “HOMEST20”, or “BUSCLOUD25” but it offer 20% off discount only.

Zoolz Business and Home Edition Key Features

  • Backup important data from a local drive or network drives to this cloud drive.
  • Work seamless, automatic and secure to make sure your data safe.
  • Allow you to create a backup data for servers, desktops, laptops, external and network drives backup.
  • Centralized management and deployment.
  • Allowed unlimited users and servers. Whereas the home edition is for 2 users only.
  • Hybrid features that allow you to create a copy of the backup on the local server.
  • More secure and flexible than another competitor.

Get unlimited external/NAS backup support and lifetime storage. Also, get unlimited supports for all Zoolz versions.

ZOOLZ also provides mobile access features to edit, view, and monitor the backup from a smartphone or tablet on-the-go. Also, allow you to combine this service with any backup tools to manage and create a backup with ease. One of the best software is NovaBACKUP Pro that also available with big discount.