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O&O DiskImage 15 Pro

O&O DiskImage is powerful data backup and migration tools. It one of the best backup tool like NovaBACKUP Pro. The software can backup file, folder, or full computer system. With the software, you can avoid important data loose by save them on safe place. O&O DiskImage 16 Pro is the latest version. It comes with new simple GUI that easier to use. On the market there a lot of alternative tool but this software is cheaper than other competitor. And also, get big 50% discount using O&O DiskImage 16 coupon code on this page.

O&O DiskImage 16 Coupon Promo Code & Best Deals

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Another version of O&O DiskImage is business version. It also offered with 50% discount on the promo. To get the discount, use the same DiskImage coupon code above and get a best price for the version.

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O&O DiskImage Professional Key Features

  • Create backups of all data on the PC with the flexible backup choice. You can backup individual drives, files, and folders. Also allowed to create a clone of the hard disk.
  • Backup regularly uses backup schedules to maximize the data protection.
  • Easy to use recovery tools to recover data from backup. Allows to use recovery mode on the different hardware.
  • Create boot media directly from within the program. Support flash disk and discs.
  • Integrated new features called M.I.R. (machine independent restoration) to restore the data from different hardware.
  • Come with more improved features is now easier than ever before.
  • Plug-and-Play functionality to backup external HDD such as a USB that plugged into the PC.

O&O DiskImage Pro is a software that received Gold certificate from Microsoft. The software 100% compatible with Windows system especially on the latest version of Windows 10 OS.

System Requirements

The software is compatible and supports on Windows 10, Win 8.1/8, Windows 7, and Vista. Seems now the Windows XP does not support anymore.