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Earn $14.99 with Copernic Desktop Search coupon code. A great deals for this desktop search engine with 30%, 20%, or 15% off discount. All coupon code are valid for new version Copernic Desktop Search 7. There three active coupon code on this offer. You can use one of the coupon listed below to the full license Copernic Desktop Search 7 at lowest price. Get best price for Personal version and Business version.

Copernic Desktop Search Options

Copernic Desktop Search provides effective methods to search any type of files on a PC. It can detect more than 150 types of files and its content then index in the database. Copernic Desktop Search also can detect content on email client. The benefit, it can offer accurate result and effective methods when searching a file. Normal price the application is $49.95. New version Copernic Desktop Search 7 now available with 30% discount using new coupon promo code.

Copernic Desktop Search Coupon Code w/ 30% Off Discount

There is three active coupon code for Copernic Desktop Search 7 Pro. The Copernic Desktop Search coupon code has already embedded on all of the deals links below.

A. Copernic Desktop Search for PC/Laptop

There is three versions for desktop/PC; full suite, worker edition and office edition. All versions is available with 15% -30% discount.

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Since version 6, Copernic Desktop Search is also available for server. The versions is available with 20% discount using coupon code “CDSAFF20”.

B. Copernic Desktop Search for Server (Business & Enterprise)

Copernic Desktop Search coupon code for business version is available with $20% discount only. The software is available for server and enterprise.

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Price the full license for server version now $750.00 $500.00: Buy full license!

The license type Copernic Desktop Search Pro is 1-year/annual license. And the server edition (business and enterprise) also offered with annual license.

All coupon code on this offer is 100% valid. It has been tested. If doesn’t work, the vendor also offer alternative coupon code. Use alternative Copernic Desktop Search coupon code “AVCOPALL2012” to buy with 30% off discount.

How to Redeem the Coupon with Ease

It easy. Just click or use one of the deals links above. The discount has already embedded. If found an alternative coupon with bigger discount, you can apply it in the shopping cart. All license offer is for 1-year or annual license key.

Who Needs Copernic Desktop Search on Their Activity

A user who often working with a large number of documents/files highly recommended using this software. It works as a smart search engine on the PC/laptop. The software will index all of the files on a PC. Copernic Desktop Search also support network drive.

Copernic Desktop Search Filter Search

The software can index contact, email, file and another data. Also can index history from a browser. It provides more effective methods for searching files than the default Windows features. You can search a file by filename, title, date, type, etc. The interface is also very easy to use.

Copernic Desktop Search Key Features

  • Find documents, emails, and other files effectively on your computer desktop from one interface.
  • Simple and easy to use. Also, improving the indexing speed that allows you to get the file you are looking for.
  • Provides more effective result than using basic searching methods on Windows.
  • Track down that file stored on the network and external drives.
  • Preview features to make sure you get the file you are looking.
  • Search file by name, type of files and see the highlighted keyword in the preview.
  • Allowed to index data from local drives and network drives.
  • Full control of indexing process. You can pause or set the indexing performance.

The latest version this desktop search engine is Copernic Desktop Search 7. The software build to increase productivity of their users.

System Requirements

New version the software supports Windows 10, 8.1/ 8, and Win 7. The server version works on Windows Server 2016, 2012.