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With Paragon HFS+ coupon promo code, earn 20% discount for this universal driver. Paragon HFS+ is one of the software on Paragon File System Link Suite promo. But you can buy the standalone product this software. It useful tool to load native Mac file system HFS+ on Linux and Windows. The software will free up exchange data between Linux/Windows with Mac OS X.

Paragon HFS+ for Windows

HFS+ is a native file system on Mac OS X. Paragon HFS+ will help users to load the Mac file system on Windows and Linux. The software will mount a disk with HFS+ filesystem automatically. Paragon HFS+ software price is $19.95. The vendor offers coupon code to buy the software with 20% discount. You can buy the software with 20% cheaper price.

Paragon HFS+ Coupon Code for Windows and Linux

Use the following discount code to buy the universal driver with 20% discount. Using the coupon code, you can earn 20% discount for Linux and Windows version.

Promo Code: YXC-WFX-PGH
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You can get free 10 days trial for the software. Then buy the full license key using the coupon code above. Paragon HFS+ will free up data exchange on Linux/Windows with MAC OS X.

Paragon HFS+ for Windows Key Features

  • Auto mounting HFS+ file on Windows and Linux. So you can access the disk and its data via file explorer easily.
  • Full compatibility with Boot Camp.
  • Easy to use, no need requires command access on load HFS+ disk on Windows and Linux.
  • Work on all platform, 32-bit and 64-bit system.
  • Support latest USB technology to access HFS+ disk connected via USB.
  • Can detect all HFS+ file system including HFS+ plus and HFSX.

The coupon on this page also can be applied on Paragon NTFS. You can get the same 20% discount using Paragon HFS+ coupon code on other Paragon universal driver offer.

System Requirements. paragon HFS+ for windows supports Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, XP, and Vista. Also, works on Windows 2008-2012 server edition. Whereas the Linux version supports all Linux OS that using kernels 2.6.36 up to 4.4.x.