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Atomic Email Studio

Atomic Email Studio offers one-stop email marketing solutions. It’s a package 9 top email marketing tools from AtomPark. The tools contain mailing list manager, mail sender, email contact collector, and more. Atomic email studio helps you to manage mailing list, collect email, and promote a product via email. Atomic Email Studio also features with tracking to analyze the newsletter. It expensive software but with Atomic Email Studio coupon code, you can buy at the lowest price.

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AtomPark Atomic Email Studio Key Features

Globally there are four main features on Atomic Email Studio. All tools are useful for online marketer. Here the full features.

  • Create and send newsletters. Just require a few easy mouse clicks to send a mass email. It also features with a huge newsletter template to create a professional newsletter.
  • Manage mailing lists. Using mailing list manager you can make all process work automatically.
  • Collect contacts. You can collect any contact from any source on the internet. You can collect the contact from various source including Google, Yahoo, Bing, whois database, and other.
  • Monitor and track your mailing campaign. You can integrate it with Google Analytics or use AtomPark online services.

The latest version this marketing tool is Atomic Email Studio 10. It offers best tools and service compares than other competitors.

Atomic Email Studio contains 9 email marketing tools in one package. It must have application to promote your products on the internet with ease.

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