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Personal and commercial PearlMountain license key promo. New valid Picture Collage Maker coupon code. The vendor provides 30% and 50% discount for picture collage creator. Offer is valid for Mac OS X and Windows version. Also available alternative discount for our readers only. Regular price the license key of Picture Collage Maker is $39.90.

Picture Collage Maker for Mac

PearlMountain Picture Collage Maker is easy to use photo collage creator. Besides photo collage features, using the software you create calendar design, greeting card, scrapbooks and another digital design. PearlMountain designed the software to make it easy to use. Just requires a few easy mouse clicks to create a collage project. This PearlMountain available for personal and business user (Pro). And using Picture Collage Maker coupon code, earn a discount for the full license.

PearlMountain Picture Collage Maker Coupon Promo Code

Use the Picture Collage Maker coupon code below to earn 50% discount. Or use “PM30CP” for an alternative coupon but with 30% discount only. The alternative coupon code active for an unlimited time.

Picture Collage Maker for Windows Promo and Discount

Earn special discount using PearlMountain Picture Collage Maker coupon code above. Earn 30% discount for personal license. Commercial license available with 50% discount.

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The license type commercial version is suitable for business purpose. Now you can buy the software at cheapest price from our list.

Picture Collage Maker for Mac OS X Promo Sale

The Mac OS X Collage also offered with 30% discount for personal license. Earn 50% discount promo on the commercial version.

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The commercial version is the best choice for Mac OS X user because the version allowed for commercially. Normal price the commercial license version is $69.90.

It’s my favorites software to create a photo collage. There are many projects on my computer that created using the software. Here one of my project.

My Project Photo Collage

Buy the full version before the offer expired. Redeem Picture Collage Maker coupon from our list above. The 50% and 30% discount have already embedded on buy links above. The discount decrease to 10% after promo ended.

Picture Collage Maker Key Features

  • Intuitive interface especially for a novice. Can create picture collage in a few easy clicks.
  • Generate photo collages in minutes with just a few mouse clicks. It automatic feature but not recommended to create a unique photo collage.
  • Available a hundred of ready-to-use collage templates and library.
  • Decorate your photo collage with frames, masks, text and cliparts.
  • Print project directly to the printer. It also allows you to share project directly to social media.
  • Picture Collage Maker wizard that assists you create your project step-by-step.
  • A hundred of ready template available including calendar design, greeting card, scrapbooks.
  • Provides WYS/WYG or Real-time preview with high speed.

Available more than 200 ready templates on this software that divides into a few category. To view more info about this useful photo collage generator please visit vendor website.

System Requirements

PearlMountain Picture Collage Maker supports on Windows XP, Vista, Win 2K, Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10. Recommended using latest Windows patch.

Mac OS X version support on OS X 10.7 or later. It means also compatible with new Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Using PearlMountain Picture Collage Maker coupon promo code, get best deals for the full license key of the collage creator. Don’t forget to check also Movavi Photo Editor that can remove an object from photo with ease. Use the software to edit a photo before create a photo collage.

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